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Technical Information

  • NEW

    Korokoro (Rolling) Checker

    The Korokoro Checker is an exterior examination robot able to exhaustively examine the entire surface circumference of the diagonal protective tubes on a cable-stayed bridge. As the robot removes the need for a person to work in high places and basically requires no traffic restrictions, it allows high-precision inspection work to be carried out in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Seismic Dampening and Reinforcement Method for External Frames (Built-in Damper Method)

    This method can be carried out with only external work on an apartment complex, shortens construction schedules due to the steel construction and features a structure that also ensures adequate daylight.


  • NICO-Support® Energy-saving Diagnosis Tool and LCC/LCCO2 Assessment Tool

    NICO-Support is able to perform energy-saving diagnostics on existing office buildings and suggest renovation and rebuilding plans to achieve excellent low carbon and economic performance.


  • Air Dose Rate Mapping System to Support Radiation Dose Measurement Work

    As well as saving labor devoted to measurement work, the system utilizes high-precision navigation functions to accurately monitor the effects of decontamination work, allowing the distribution of air dose rates to be quickly visualized and output.