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Technical Information

  • NEW

    Long Distance and Large Caliber Forepiling (LL-Fp®) method

    LL-Fp is a long distance and large caliber forepiling method for excavating mountain tunnels that uses a jumbo drill, rather than dedicated machinery, to drive large caliber steel pipes with a diameter of 139.8 mm, over 20 m long per shift into the ground in the direction directly ahead of the tunnel face.


  • Glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) segment

    Glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) segment is the segment which can be easily cut by a tunnel-boring shield machine. Use of this technology enables the following tunnel to overlap the preceding tunnel, shortening the span of the section where the two tunnels merge with each other. The result is an efficient, economical lining structure and reduced occupation area of the merging section.


  • Geopolymers

    Geopolymers are new low-carbon materials featuring outstanding resistance to acid.
    Exterior blocks made based on Geo-Poly* geopolymer were commercialized in 2011 and were used for the exterior of the school building of Shido Elementary School when it was renovated in 2010 and 2011.


  • HLP Head Lock Pile Method

    This is a technology to provide ground improvement stiffeners in a grid shape along the base lines where piles are placed in order to reduce the pile head displacement and stress that occurs during an earthquake. We adopted this technology for the Goodman Ichikawa project (tentative name) which is under construction.