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While the IR and investor information posted to this website is intended to provide financial information and management information pertaining to Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. (“Nishimatsu,” hereafter), Nishimatsu makes no representations or warranties of any kind as to the content itself. Furthermore, the posting of information to this website does not aim to be a solicitation for investment. We encourage stakeholders to exercise their own judgment when making investment decisions.

The views, forecasts and other information posted to the website are determinations made by Nishimatsu based on the information available at the time the materials were created and include potential risks and uncertainties. For this reason, please note that due to various factors, actual business results may end up varying significantly from these earnings forecasts.

Please also note in advance that Nishimatsu may not post all information disclosed to a financial instruments exchange or make representations that differ from disclosed information, and that the content of the posted information is subject to modification or deletion without notice.

While Nishimatsu takes the utmost care when posting information to the website, please note that Nishimatsu assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any losses suffered as a result of errors in the posted information, the manipulation of data by a third party, data downloads, or otherwise.